Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday in Breckenridge

Today has been a very slow day. We decided to take it easy since we need to acclimate to the elevation of 9600 ft. almost 2 miles high. I read it takes two days for the body to adjust to the high elevaton.We started watching this morning but the live feed just stopped so we left for Walmart and Safeway.Having a kitchen helps keep the cost down when traveling. My meals aren't anything to rave about when on the road but still healthier than eating out every meal. We also picked up the ski lift tickets and went to get the ski rentals. Yes, my guys will be wearing helmets on the slopes. I will be out on my own exploring this quiant town. I am debating about snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I will save that adventure for Tuesday. So for now my guys are hitting the slopes in the morning and I'll be shopping and preparing a simple lunch and nice hot meal for dinner. Oh yeah Justin decided to go swimming this evening with outside temps being 15 degrees feeling like 1 degree. Luckily for Glenn and I the pool is in a tent so it was warm but Justin still had to walk back to the resort outside in wet clothes he survived and is looking forward to a swim after a day of skiing tomorrow. Justin's tooth is getting looser everyday. He was paying in the arcade today and bumped into a game and had a mouth full of blood. Hopefully it will fall out soon and not on the slopes.

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