Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garden Update

It's been a busy week. Justin is home with me week two of his spring break. We purchased our Tomato and Pepper plants on Monday and got them in the ground that afternoon. We planted a variety of plants including: Roma, Better Boy and Big Boy Tomato's and Hot banana, Jalepeno, and Green Bell Peppers. Today we went out in the chilly wind and planted summer squash varieties black beauty and early summer crookneck. In between my raised beds of squash we planted Nasturtium's I hope they bloom like the picture below.

All the seeds we planted today have a 10-14 day germination period. So I might have some photos in a few weeks. I still have many veggies seeds to plant. I hope to be finished by Sunday. My watering system is a drip system. I prefer the drip system because I can space mini in line dippers as close together or as far apart as I want. I do have a few Adjustable flow sprinkles for my heavy feeding plants. This time of year I water 15 minutes every 2-3 days. As the weather warms I will water every other day for 15- 30 minutes. To make the roots stronger and grow deeper you want to water less often. This makes the roots go deep in search of a water source. So if your on vacation and your timer fails your plants can survive the harsh weather. When you water everyday you will have shallow roots and the first day without water you plants could wither away. Drip systems are fairly easy to install. I purchased a kit( Raindrip)last year and I was able to install myself. I reconnected this year and it still works I changed out only a few pieces to adjust for my change of crops. I moved everything over one space. This helps the avoid veggie plants from taking all the minerals in the soil over time. I've been praying about getting another plot in the community garden and I think I might be getting one to borrow for the season. That is all for now.
Be green.

" The Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden" Gen 2:8

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