Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day of Traveling

I haven't been to garden but once this week. I went to check my watering sytem. It's good. I water every other day for 15 mins. at 5:00 am.I will continue to blog about garden next week when I return from our trip.
Today is the day we've been waiting for traveling to Breckenridge, Colorado. I have never been to the snow before except to our local Southern California mountains. We started our day at 8:30 leaving for John Wayne airport. A new airport for our family.We flew on Frontier Airlines a new airline for us too. Flight left in time. Our flight was the only one not canceled or delayed due to weather. So we left sunny 80 degree California for 4 degree Breckenridge.
Here are a few adventures we have had so far. Toward the end of the flight Austin got really sick with sinus infection symptoms which turn into flu like symptoms that turned into him breaking out into a sweat. The flight crew was great responding to him. Cooling him down and giving him some o.j. to drink. There was also a EMT who check him out. This all happened within a 5 minute period.I give frontier airlines 5 stars. My adventure was driving in the snow for the first time. I had my first experience having the car slid on ice a little scary so Glenn took over driving to stressful for me. We arrived at our condo safely. Our Condo is beautiful and the view is grand. Not sure of what tomorrow will bring. I'm going to see if there is a local church we can attend or we will watch Harvest online. God is good and his creation is amazing.


  1. Glad to hear you guys made it there safely. I'll be praying for Austin....poor guy.

  2. I am so happy that your flight didn't get delayed. My sister and her family got stuck in Colorado on sat. because there was too much ice on the wings and runway. Have fun!