Thursday, April 30, 2009


Not much to post.
Justin is so dramatic. He hurt his finger and swears it is broken. Yet he can still climb the fire truck at Baskin Robbins, skate board, play basketball and play recess at school. I think he just wants attention not that the attention is lacking here at home. I think he wants one of the metal things like his friend Cole had. It really hurts when its time for homework, bed and shower time.

Big news to pray about. We have decided that it is in Austins best interest to homeschool him next year. It will be his senior year. That is the tough part taking him out of ACA after 5 years. He started ACA in 6th grade. 7-8 th grade we homeschooled. 9th - 11th He has been back at ACA doing well but ACA lacks in some areas. Overall the school is excellent in academics.They don't have the classes that Austin needs to help him in college.Even with the school being college prep. Some of teachers think they are teaching college and forget to review the basics. That is the best thing about homeschooling I have the freedom to teach Austin using the methods that he learns best from and can keep teaching a subject until he gets it.
I've talked to the umbrella school we will be going through and have ideas of curriculum and classes he needs to take. We go to a mandatory meeting in 2 weeks. We will make the final decision at that meeting and notify ACA of our leaving on the 15th of May.
So for now that is the plan. I pray every year about homeschooling and this year the Lord has sent many confirmations to bring Austin home.

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  1. u go girl!!!!! We will do it together! Im homeschooling all three next year so we will need lots of moms nights out!! what umbrella are you using?