Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good times

First a word from Justin... We heard a big noise while in the gold mine we visited today. Tom our tour guide showed us how the miners made holes to place dynamite into the mountain face. Using a pick and hammer and also a widow maker that was the noise maker. We went 1000 ft into the mine. When we got to the end Tom turned of the lights. We went panning for gold after our mine tour. I found a little gold flake. It was freezing cold in the Eureka River. There were two dummies (mannequins) in the mine to show us how they worked in the mine. And there was a fake mouse and there was a pink slip that we used as a brass ring. If they had one missing person they had to go to get them out of the mine. Thats it from Justin,

Yesterday we drove 2 1/2 hours to Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods. The drive was through the back country of Colorado. As we first started to drive out it was like mountain driving then we crossed the continental divide and the landscape changed to flat lands and desert. The temperature also went up about 20 degrees. Once we arrived to the Gardens we decided they should be call the gardens of God not the gods. Only our amazing God could created the rocks we seen in all their splendor.
We left the gardens to visit the Air Force Academy. The grounds of the academy were beautiful. So much so Glenn was ready to join. It was so hot at the academy I was ready to buy shorts and sandals. The Chapel at the academy is something to see. They have many faiths that use different areas for their services.
On our way back to Breckenridge we spotted Focus on the Families headquarters. So we stopped by. Then we spotted Chipotle we had to stop. I needed a Iced tea I haven't had a tea since we left John Wayne Airport. As we were driving the weather started to change a storm had been in the forecast. We had perfect timing once again as we crossed the divide the weather changed.The clouds and winds pick up a bit but we made it safe to our room.

Today Justin told you about our adventure to the gold mine. After the mine we had a lazy afternoon hanging out in the room and playing cards in the lounge. We finally decided to head out to dinner. I had the night off from cooking. We had great Italian dinner.We decided to walk back to the room and it started to snow. It is 2 hours later and still snowing. The guys are going to have a great Friday skiing.

" For you are my rock and my fortress Therefore for your name's sake lead me and guide me." Psalm 31:3

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