Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family time at the movies

It's Sunday. We did the usual wake up early to leave by 6:50am to have Austin at church to serve by 7:10 am. Had wonderful fellowship , worship and teaching. We headed off to breakfast after service. This time visiting CBU for the delicious buffet. After overeating we drove home and took our Sunday nap. Once I awoke I started the routine of laundry.
We decided to go to the movies. Our choice 17 again. I did enjoy the movie thinking it went a little long. It's true, we make bad choices in high school thinking they are good at the time. As we mature we realize we did not know much I guess what counts is that we learn from our mistakes and change. We need to take responsibility for our actions and not blame others for who we've allowed ourselves to become. I wish I would have listen to those who told me about Christ in my teen years. I didn't think I was lacking in peace or joy. I thought life was one big question and no one had purpose. Greg said today at church that we need someone to convince us of our sin. In high school I didn't think I had any big sins. I was wrong. I am glad that I was convinced and convicted of my sin. I wish it would have happened earlier but blessing sometimes do come from hard lessons.

Other than the movie I took Dutchess for a walk I thought. She decided to run after Austin and Justin as they rode their bikes. So I ended up going on a 1/4 mile run. Why is it when I want to run she looks at me as if I am crazy?

Back to laundry...

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  1. hey I found you on face book--thanks for shareng--i think i was around for some of "our sins" and should have been a better witness to you-but I know all things do work for good and though we have a past he is faithful to forgive us! check out my blog too!
    love ya girl!!