Sunday, May 31, 2009

My first Harvest of the year

I went out to garden "A" today and got my first 2 zucchini. I have about 4 more that aren't quite big enough to harvest they need a couple more days. I can't believe how out of a small seed we get our food. I planted everything about 4 weeks ago and I already have produce growing.
This is what my garden " A" looked like on May 9th. I had planted seeds about 2 weeks earlier.This is the start of my zucchini plants mixed in with last years cosmos.
These are my tomato plants and basilHere is Garden " B" it is still a work in progress I just installed a new watering system so I will post new picks in few days. Back to garden "A" here is what it looks like as of today.
Here are some Zinna flowers that are coming in.Can you see the green tomatos? Almost time to harvest them yummy.
Can you see the shiny zuchinni ? Can't wait to slice and dizzle EVOO with a little pepper and cook on the bbq.
I can't believe how big the seeds have grown. Looks at those plants. 3 zucchini and 3 crocked necks.I can't wait to share in my boutiful harvest.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just relaxing

This week has gone by so quickly. I haven't had time to water my garden everything is probably dead. UGGH... I need to buy a new timer for weeks like this. One more day of working this week. Ap testing proctor is one of the boring jobs but it buys me toys.

Today was the last day of Womens Bible Fellowship. I already miss my girls and study. I wish we could have study year round and always meet. There is nothing like bible study at Harvest. You can feel Gods love every time you walk through those doors. You know that your friends are praying for you. You can see God at WBF because He lives in so many of the women. I pray that we all stay accountable to each other over the summer months and meet for fun days with the kids.

I guess I haven't been to busy I have done a lot of sewing this week. Thanks to my family keeping the house picked up. I haven't had a lot of extra cleaning to do. My machine was acting up last night so I might have to take it in for a tune up.

I am so looking forward to next week Nothing is on my calendar during the day. I can deep clean everything and relax reading a book. Best of all I can take my time and dig into Gods word. The only thing that has to get done is finishing up garden B.

Time for bed.