Sunday, October 4, 2009

weekly Menu 10/4

Fall is here I can't wait to make Pumpkin bars tomorrow and visit Riley's farm on Friday. I'm also going to try to make a apple pie.My grandma or mom never made pies. I am becoming more comfortable with baking therefore I'm becoming a better baker.I've made more mistakes and messes while baking. No baking recipes will be posted until I've tried them and have had success with em.

Lot's of old favorites this week from the Rach. Here are the links for most.

Zippy Pizza: I use Pillsbury pizza dough. I add mushrooms and tomato's. You can put anything you want on it.

Italian Alphabet soup and Cheesy soup dippers
Justin loves this one. When he was in Kindergarten I made this for his class when they were learning their sounds.I had them each find the letters from their names and then just random sounds. I served in little Dixie cups since it was just a snack.

Also on the menu is Penne with sausage meatballs with peppers & onions
Haven't tried it yet so I will post after we taste it.

Also trying a new crock meal basic BBQ beef with mac salad.
I'll post after we've tried it.

Let me know your favorite recipes that you have tried and
Remember always sprinkle a little extra love.

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