Friday, October 23, 2009

My second "Farm Fresh To You" delivery has arrived.

I am so excited at the arrival of my Farm Fresh To You delivery. Every other week, delivered right to my door, I am greeted by a box filled with farm fresh organic vegetable and fruits. Here is what I found in my box.
2 lb Gala Apples ( replaced with Navel Oranges at my request)
2 lbs Valencia Oranges
1.5 Lbs Grapes
1 bunch Green Chard
2 lb Sugar pie Pumpkin (they ran out so I got more oranges)
1 lb Green beans ( ran out again but we got carrots , which we are more likely to eat)
1 bunch of spinach
1 lb Sweet Peppers
1 bunch Celery
2 garlic bulbs
2 lbs Yellow Onions
2 lb garnet Yams

All of this for 32.00. I wondered if I was saving or spending more money so I went to since I shop there and checked out their prices vs. what I paid. The total of non organic without the pumpkin $ 38.82. I never check prices on veggies if I did I wouldn't buy them and we would eat junk food. They had a limited Organic section to choose from if would have purchased those items the bill would have gone up at least 10.00. All of that said I am very happy to be a new customer of Farm Fresh to you. I also receive in my box recipes for some of the foods. On The website recipes can also be found. Check it out and if you decide to try it out use the promotion code 6164 and let them know Suzanne Watson of Redlands ( I go by my middle name if you didn't know) you will get $ 5.00 off and I will get my next delivery free.

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