Monday, September 21, 2009

Laundry Tip # 1 & 2

1.Freshen up the washing machine. Clean the hoses
and unclog soap scum.
Once a month pour one cup of vinegar into the
washing machine and run the machine through a
normal cycle, without clothes.

Also works to remove any odor your HE washer might have.

2.Dread folding or ironing laundry? Do two things at once. I often turn my laundry time in to prayer time for each member of my family. As I am folding I pray for them each per article of clothing ( one word prayer per undie, sock or undershirt). As I iron clothes I pray for whose ever article of clothing I am pressing. You can also do this using Christmas photo cards you receive. Place them in a small album and turn the page for each item that you iron.

Try these ideas in your home. Don't forget to wash with love and when you serve your family you are serving God.

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