Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boston 09

Ok Boston is not one of my favorite cities. I can't wait to leave. The day started late for the kids. I woke up with the sun. The kids stayed asleep until 10:00 am. So we missed the shuttle into town having to take a taxi that cost $12.00. The upside is we drove past the bowling alley I wanted to take them to. We were dropped off at the Boston Public Library where there are some amazing biblical paintings.Justin wasn't to interested. We then headed for a game of bowling at King's. We had a good time even with Austin winning the game by 5 points. Well once again we missed the shuttle to get us to the Public Gardens so we walked to the mall had a lousy lunch and headed to the gardens by foot so we could ride the swan boats. We arrived and didn't have to wait long for our relaxing ride. While riding Glenn called and was finished with work. He met us at the boats as we were exiting. We decided to take another expensive taxi ride back to the room with intentions of taking the shuttle back into town to eat dinner. Glenn was able to get change out of his suit ans relax a little before we headed into town. The only problem is the girl told Glenn that the green shuttle, sitting outside wasn't the one we were to take she said ours was running behind but would be in soon. So we waited the green shuttle left and we waited patiently a bit longer. Finally after 10 minutes we asked if the shuttle would be in soon or should we call a taxi. Her reply was oh it left already it was the green one sitting out there. Same girl two different stories on the shuttle. We decided to stay here at the hotel why spend another $ 24.00 to get to down town to eat. Had Quizno's near the hotel and walked back to the room and researched our next city of adventure. Long story short we missed three hotel shuttles today, never made it to Boston commons or Feneuil Hall no big deal we have been to both places before. The kids and I swam in the pool so Glenn could get some work done.We had fun swimming. I did one of my old aqua aerobic routines by myself almost made me want to teach again but that was just a season. I think teaching aerobics was to get me comfortable speaking in front of people. One of those things you don't know what God wants you to do it for but you do it to be in obedience to Him. Oops off subject a bit. One thing I have enjoyed is meeting two people at the pool who both have family at the teaching hospital next door. I was able to tell one husband that I would be praying for his wife Claire as she finishes her Chemo for lung cancer and travels home to New Hampshire today. Tonight we met Yvonne her daughter is Renee who has Leukemia. I wasn't able to tell her I would pray for her daughter but I think she found comfort in having a listening ear and someone to ask questions about the treatment and just talk about the simple things in life. If anything good comes out of our day in Boston it would be that I can pray for two strangers and you can to. Time for bed. Until tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Can't wait to see pics. Will be praying for your "new friends"